A Must In Your Kitchen: Tired of constantly struggling with impossible grease stains and food residue on your air fryer’s tray? Would you like to make sure your delicious meals won’t ever stick and ruin their texture or shape? The Airyfry air fryer paper liners are the perfect solution!

Premium Food Grade Paper: These disposable air fryer paper liners are made with superior quality food-grade paper, 100% safe, non-BPA, food-grade. Our liners are oilproof, waterproof, grease proof and won’t interact in any way with your delicious meals!

Airyfry is a premium brand that focuses on delivering practical and affordable baking tools & accessories which are meant to make your job easier, while still ensuring delicious and perfect cooking results for your loved ones. We rely exclusively on premium food-grade materials and trustworthy manufacturers, in order to meet our customers’ rigorous quality expectations. Not entirely pleased with what you received? Our customer care department is at your disposal and will address any concerns!


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